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Friday, June 1, 2018

People of Quito. Acceptance, theirs and mine. June 2018. Quito, Ecuador.

City of Quito - I loved it as soon as I arrived, people of Quito, locals - its another story. My first visit to Quito was in September 2006, I booked VRBO apartment in Quito for one week, thinking that I would go check out Cuenca and Manta as well. 
I set my mind to leave US and was searching for the country and city to settle. Well, Quito was so generous and welcoming to me, I couldn't leave, I ended up spending three weeks here in September 2006 and coming back three more times in 2007, for a month or two at the time.
As for people of Quito, it wasn't so easy for me to accept their traits. My Russian upbringing and 11 years of working as decent-paid professional at various financial corporations in Minneapolis, MN were protesting against some of their characteristics. 
It took me almost a year to realize that whatever they (Quiteños) do and whoever they are - it works...somehow! Although I still wonder how it might be. Also at some point it registered with me that I don't want to live neither in Russian speaking country nor in English speaking. I prefer living in Quito, among Quiteños. We have mutual respect now. 
Viva Quito, viva Quiteños!

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