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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Cost of exterior repairs in Quito, Ecuador. June 2018.

Since 2010 when it was new construction, the apartment building where I live had some tear and wear and it was time for repairs.
Below are photos Before and After.



The terrace was worn out as well


After (this terrace wall costed $140 to repair and to paint, inside of terrace and outside. The opposite wall, same width cost $140 as well, long wall connecting them cost $200)


After (my part of terrace 83 square meters and this brown tower - $600 to repair and to paint)
The terrace floor had cracks. Crack's were repaired and floor were painted with waterproof paint.

Cost of repairing and painting of three terrace walls: work and materials was $480. Repairing and painting of terrace floor and little brown tower - $600. The architect came over to do an estimate (free) and the next day he sent a laborer who did all these work under his supervision. 
After this work was done I asked the architect to arrange window washing, sealing in between outside window perch and the window with silicone and to paint outside window perch. I have living  room window, the biggest, two kitchen windows, hall window and bedrooms windows - total was $150. 
Viva Ecuador!

Bonus photo. Life in Quito, Ecuador - behind fence AND electric fence. Outside of fenced apartment building is garbage container, overflowed, because lately the municipal equipment, special garbage trucks, are mostly damaged. 

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