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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Belarus, Minnesota and Ecuador. April 2018.

I left my hometown and home country, USSR, Republic of Belarus at the end of April 1993. 25 years ago. At the time there were lots of opportunities in USA for youngish energetic person with good education and not contaminated with political correctness and feminism.
I used them(opportunities) in all aspects of my life: to bring up my children, their education, my own education, my personal life, chance for well paid professional work. In my late 40th opportunities dried up and life in US became way too expensive, regulated and complicated for me. 
Thank you Minnesota, time to move out. And move out I did - to Quito Ecuador. I already wrote (many times) why I love living in Quito, here it is,.. again
life is less complicated, for example, no junk mail in Ecuador, not so much advertising, 
mild weather, no need for heating or air-conditioning, 
more relaxed people: they smile, you can talk politics with them without fear, they don't call authorities on their neighbor's children playing outside without supervision (happened few times to my son in Minneapolis) 
less chemicalized and cheaper food,
affordable medical care,
public transportation: inexpensive, modern and efficient, no need to have a car. 
not so many personal regulations, for example I don't need a pet permit from city council for my dog, my Home Owners Associations (HOAs) allow dogs or cats in apartments, 
cost of living in general is cheaper, for example my association fee monthly are $33 and property tax yearly $70 (gone up since last year), my haircut is $5 including tips
the list go on..

Country living, urban, sea side, volunteer, farming, business, working, leisure, traveling. You can create any lifestyle in Ecuador you wish, can afford, and, of course, with a little luck.   

Sure, Ecuador is not a paradise, however better than....
Apartment building where we used to live in my hometown which I left in 1993. My photo: August 2017. 

Apartment building,where we used to live, located just few blocks from city's main square. Considered as one of the best neighborhoods in town. My photo: August 2017. 

Apartment building where we used to live, build in 1980 and never been maintained since. My photo: August 2017. 

Mother of my Quito's Russian speaking girlfriend took this photo in her neighborhood in Volgograd. April 2018. 
Graffiti says "No money but tsar (is) on the throne"

Minneapolis then Mayor Betsy Hodges. 2014.
Photo credit: 

In Minneapolis, an Australian woman one month from her wedding day was shot to death by an officer after calling the police for help. The officer(no more) and his family, the victim and her fiance. 2017.

Minneapolis. Winter time from November to April.
Photo credit: Star Tribune
STAR TRIBUNE. A jogger braved driving wind and blowing snow around Lake Harriet in Minneapolis this morning, April 14, 2018.

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