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Friday, March 2, 2018

Traveling to Galapagos solo. Island Isabella. Ecuador. March 2018.

My first morning at Isabella I checked the beach near my hotel. My intention was to hang out there, not so fast I discovered. These crabs are cute in Disney movies, when they run around you - its another story. And overall too much fauna on a beach. Not only me thought so, the beach was deserted all three days I was at Isabella.
Beach, Island Isabella

After breakfast I decided to visit Centro de Crianza Arnaldo Tupiza. You don't need Galapagos guide to go there. I saw busloads of people getting in to the main entrance and proceeding to the breeding giant turtles area, back to the bus and off they go, missing walk from town through the wetlands to the Breeding Center. I liked this walk so much I went there twice; on my first and last days at Isabella.
Walk trough the wetlands to the Breeding Center

Walk trough the wetlands to the Breeding Center

Walk trough the wetlands to the Breeding Center

giant turtle

Walk trough the wetlands to the Breeding Center
After lunch I checked travel agencies on a main street, some of them were closed at the time I was going by, in two of them I didn't like personnel, finally I found one opened and with friendly faces.  
I bought two tours at the agency. Las Tintoreras tour: the boat ride out, the hike around the islet Las Tintoreras and 40 min of the snorkeling. Overall three hours, since I didn't snorkel I got $5 discount. I paid $40 for this tour. 
Another tour I bought: hike to the volcano Sierra Negra. Three hours, $30.

Tip: Going to Sierra Negra you will need extra layer: scarf or light jacket. It is much colder up there.  
Tip: If you book tours in advance on internet, it will be at least twice as expensive as walking in to one the many agencies at Puerto Villamil, island Isabella and buying tours on a spot. I was there in high season and tours were available for the same day and for the next day.
Tip: Ignore TripAdvisor best rated restaurants at Puerto Villamil, I made a mistake going to #1 rated restaurant at the time and it was a disappointment: portions were small, expensive and way too complicated cuisine for me.
I asked one of the tour guides where he usually has lunch and this place rocks!!! "Maestro de Casa" restaurant. Their "menu del dia" only $6 for lots of food.  Prices are on a cheap side for Galapagos, portions are big, freshly prepared and soooo tasty. "Shawarma Hot", located almost next to Maestro de Casa worth visiting.
Restaurant Maestro de Casa.

I liked their bathroom sign.
"Shawarma Hot" located almost next to "Maestro de Casa"


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