La Ronda is just around the corner

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Difference between neighborhoods: Ecuador VS USA. February 2018.

I was walking down the street today, going home after having $3.50 haircut at salon (peluqueria) owned by Venezuelans. On my way saying "Hi" to the guys, owners of the re-upholstery business, they redid my worn out office chair - you know, in Ecuador you don't throw things away - you repair it!
Passing by little neighborhood store (tienda) where I often buy locally grown/made fruits, vegetables, farmer cheese and other food. I was walking and thinking that this type of neighborhood (and prices) is gone with the wind in US cities and suburbs. 
Right in the apartment building where I live there is a convenience store, family owned. Few blocks in other direction from my place there are little pharmacy where I buy my high blood pressure medication - cheapest price in Quito. Right next to the pharmacy - a liquor store, Chilean and Argentinian wines $7 (and up) per bottle. 
On my way there I pass a bakery, few other tiendas and many little restaurants with set up lunch menus (almuerzos). Big weekends farmer market is less then 10 min walk from my house and shopping mall is less than 30 min walk. 
Considering the weather is always mild and "walk-able" in Quito - its exercise and convenience of living without car rolled into one. 

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