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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cost of living in Quito, Ecuador. Property tax, association fees and utilities.

New Year, new property taxes here in Quito. In Ecuador your property taxes available 
to check out and to pay on January 2nd or may be even on January 1st, but January 1st nobody thinks about them yet, even me
For Quito here is the site to check it out

In 2017 Taxable Cadastral value of my North Quito apartment (built in 2010, 990 sq feet, has inside the building parking space and bodega)  was $52000 and I paid $36 in property tax. 
This year VALOR CATASTRAL IMPONIBLE (Taxable Cadastral value) is $70000 and my bill is $61

Still much better than $$$$ to pay for property tax in USA.

Centro Historico apartment (built in 1970s, 625 sq feet, no parking space, no bodega)  was valued $16200 in 2017, property tax $20.
$31800 this year, property tax $24

Many Quiteños complain that their taxes went up double and in same cases triple in comparison with last year amount of taxes paid. Municipality of Quito working on complains and promising that errors will be fixed. 84% of property valuations in Quito are under review.

Association fee are the same as in 2017.
$34 per month for North Quito apartment and $15 for Centro Historico condo. 
Cannot complain about these numbers either. 
December 2017 utilities for North Quito apartment 
electricity $16
gas(centralized in our apartment building)  $3.50
water       $6.20
Internet, fiber optic $39 
land line phone $12    

2 bedroom, 1 bath, totally remodeled
Centro Historico furnished apartment for rent.
Anti-noise windows in both bedrooms
For booking, pictures and more info