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Thursday, January 18, 2018

About Electricity in Quito. Ecuador. January 2018.

Last week I went to La Ronda condo to spend a few nights. In the morning I was sitting on my terrace, drinking coffee and all of a sudden, power was lost in my La Ronda apartment, no more internet. I called our concierge and he told me electrical company technicians were revising some meters and it looked like I lost my power right after that.
To make long story short, I was lucky and managed to have another electrical company crew to come over pretty quick to reconnect electricity in my apartment. It turned out that my meter was stolen!!! and when previous crew saw it, they simply cut my power off. That is Ecuador for you, cannot take anything for granted.
To enter and exit the apartment building where my condo located, one has to have a key. It means that it was an insider job, stealing the meter. Electrical meters situated next to the entrance to the section where apartment is. The are encased in plastic boxes, easy to open.
Well, I came back to my North Quito apartment and what do you know, I woke up and no electricity! This time it wasn't so dramatic, in newish (1990s and after) constructions, its not so easy to have access to electric meters. I called the concierge and she told me that the whole building  is without electricity.  I looked in the window and here it was - electric company truck with workers tampering with electricity wires right on my street. In a few hours we had electricity back.
When you live in Quito, make sure that the stove and calefon (hot water) in your place not electric, but gas. When electricity is off, and it doesn't matter how many hydroelectric power plants government would build, at least you can cook and take shower.



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