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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Balcony: Before and After. Quito, Ecuador. July 2017.

Since 1970s when apartment complex in Centro Historico, where I have an apartment, was built, the balcony of my place was affected by forces of the elements: rain, wind, sunlight. Here it was all cracked and worn out.

Scary to come out on a balcony!!!

and it was aesthetically unpleasant! 
Chipped and cracked...

Not perfect, however much better!

I was lucky to find The Maestro! The good one and affordable too. I was happy with quality of his work and his attitude, positive and always, OK, almost always, on time. As a propina (tips) I helped him to order and paid for his business cards.  

Humberto Morocho thank you for such a good job!
His business card 

2 bedroom, 1 bath, totally remodeled
Centro Historico furnished apartment for rent.
Anti-noise windows in both bedrooms
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