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Friday, April 7, 2017

Expats thoughts about the election and political stability in Ecuador. April 2017.

from ExpatExchange Ecuador forum
Question: Anybody living in Ecuador currently have thoughts about the election? About political stability in Ecuador in general? 

Opinion one: The election and the runoff election are over and depending on which side of the political fence you are on, your party either narrowly achieved victory or was robbed by election fraud. Sound familiar ?
Yes, the right wing opposition still has people in the streets in certain cities, protesting the vote count, as I write and governing socialist party has some of their people celebrating. But by and large, is spite of what certain news outlets would like to make it, life goes on and everyone is pretty much back to their daily routines. 
In spite of the hype and hypocrisies, folks here are pretty pragmatic. Yes, we're going through a rough patch economically, but nothing compared to the poor folks in Venezuela, Brazil, or Bolivia. No matter who won, the world wasn't going to come to an end. 
I guess most people not living here or some newcomers may be concerned how the election and its aftermath will affect them. I really don't see where it will have any appreciable influence. 
My wife and her family are very involved in politics - and were, like the country, pretty evenly divided between Moreno and Lasso - which made for some very lively family get togethers !
Personally, I felt better about voting down here, than I did in last fall's U.S. elections.

Opinion two: For those worried about Lenin Moreno continuing along the Correa Calle, I think people will be in for a surprise. He's a lot less divisive, more willing to listen, and I think, poco a poco you will see some of the ladrones and party hack being replaced as he quietly implements his own agenda - not business as usual. I also think relations with the U.S. will improve - provided the Trump government is open to it. ( That of course is a big IF ).

Opinion three: no decision yet.. because there is fraud asserted by lasso... things are calm but the people are not happy that at 95% of the vote lasso was ahead.. and suddenly the website of the CNE election website when down for 20 mins.. and when it came back up.. the ip address was outside of Ecuador and was not the same ip that was 20 mins before... and suddenly Moreno was ahead.. of course there is the video where the CNE employ was shown taking a piece of scotch tape and lifting handwritten votes off the paper vote and then writing him Moreno... and so the CNE has not sent a memo formally giving anyone the nod.. but Moreno of course says he won... but it is all disputed..

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