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Monday, April 10, 2017

Considering one year in Ecuador - recommendations on middle schools. April 2017.

Discussion from ExpatExchange Ecuador forum.
We're considering spending one year in Ecuador. Our son will be in 7th grade, and we're looking for an English-language school but one where he'll also learn Spanish. We've never been there and are open to different cities - obviously looking for safety and a sense of community. Would love any suggestions. 
opinion one
Have you considered home schooling for the year? I know a family here in Vilcabamba who's two kids are doing well with online classes. Parents and kids all learning Spanish from a tutor (who is also my Professora). Requires discipline and time but this is one way to go.
opinion two
Public schools are all Spanish... definitely home school and travel with your son you may eve be able to home school from your home city and state with your current school help and support. ask about alternative schooling at your home school... he may get all sorts of credit for his travels and get the Spanish immersion out front and center for him. he will thank you later be choosy about his friends..
opinion three
Jefferson in Salinas on the coast. Fully bilingual. They have a website and are on Facebook. There is an entrance exam.

my opinion: In Ecuador there are government (fiscal) schools and private schools. I am in a position to observe my friends and neighbors children and grandchildren going to different types of school. As far as I can see, parents avoid fiscal schools at all cost, even if they have to go to debt and lower their standard of living, as some of my neighbors do. 
My hairdresser's son went to fiscal school for one year and she still cannot talk about it without pain. He was harassed by teachers and students alike. He was the only white face in the sea of browns and he paid for it dearly. You know people don't like when someone is different. Now she pays $200 per month for private school and things are better for him. Middle class children are more accepting and teachers in private school are paid and behave better.
My neighbor pays $450 monthly for her daughter private school, its a stretch for her, but her child future depends on it. My friend's granddaughter goes to $600 - 1000 per month (pre-school and high school have different tuition) school.   

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