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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tensions rise over election results in province Manabi, Ecuador. February 2017.

In previous post I wrote about movement in Ecuador, online, mostly Facebook and Twitter, with slogan "Nunca más pisen Manabí!"/"We'll never set foot in Manabi" 
Lately, officials and media got involved, defending people of Manabi.

To help people of Manabi to recuperate after earthquake, Quitenos donated food(including lots of cans of tuna) and necessities, caravan of cars and trucks were organized by entities and people of Quito to deliver help to Manabi. As they say: "No good deed goes unpunished".
On February 24th group of people, claiming to be from Manabi congregated in front of headquarters of Movimiento Creo which has Lasso as a presidential candidate. They threw cans of tuna in front of the building in protest. "No se puede insultar a los ciudadanos manabitas" they said. In English "Can't insult people of Manabi"
Apparently they didn't need help after all, returning cans of tuna to Quitenos.
El Comercio: Un grupo de personas arrojaron latas de atún fuera de un edificio en Quito. A group of people threw cans of tuna outside of buiding in Quito.  Foto: API
They were prepared, equipped with well made flags, it looks like they have resources to travel to Quito, to prepare their propaganda materials, etc.
On a flag there is a message: "Respect Manabi F-k  / Lenin President"  
En las afueras de la sede del edificio de Creo en Quito, varias personas protestaron por supuestos mensajes de reclamo tras las elecciones. Foto: EL COMERCIO
Outside of headquarters of movement Creo group of people protesting against insulting messages about results of election in province of Manabi.
Election drama continues...

Update: Some people on these photos were identified as affiliated with current regime. On Facebook I found at least two identities of protesters posted.  In this case it's not a protest, it's a provocation and dirty politics.

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