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Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday morning news from Quito. Unstable electricity, propaganda and earthquake. Ecuador, December 2016.

I would love to post something positive, for example today is Monday December 19, 2016 and sun shines in Quito, it's warm outside and never mind that we (neighborhood in North Quito) didn't have electricity again on Sunday (December 18) from about 11 a.m. to almost 2 p.m. 
I wonder how people who listen to propaganda survive. "They" unleashed massive propaganda that people should replace gas ranges with an induction stoves and gas water heaters(calefons) with an electric. Well, on Sunday, you would be hungry and dirty with electric calefon and an induction stove not working.
In 2014 and 2015 it was almost impossible to find gas range or gas calefon in Quito appliance stores,  induction stoves from Ch were pushed on customers despite of unstable electricity service. In 2016 gas calefons and gas ranges are for sale again, only more than twice expensive. In the process of promoting ch made induction stoves, the local manufacturing of gas ranges was almost eliminated.

However, On Monday, December 19, morning, it wasn't the biggest problem on hand. How do you like them apples! Still want to buy beachfront property in coastal Ecuador?
Mag - Magnitude
Prof - Profundity

Mag Local Time                Latitud Longitud        Prof                            Region 
4.3 2016/12/19 04:59:47 1.04° N 79.85° W 5.0 Near Coast of Ecuador 19.37km Atacames,Esmeraldas
4.0 2016/12/19 04:08:22 1.08° N 79.85° W      2.7 Near Coast of Ecuador 23.69km Atacames,Esmeraldas
4.6 2016/12/19 03:57:11 1.04° N 79.83° W     5.0 Near Coast of Ecuador 19.10km Atacames,Esmeraldas
4.2    2016/12/19 03:20:02 1.06° N 79.86° W      3.5          Near Coast of Ecuador 21.35km Atacames,Esmeraldas
3.9 2016/12/19 03:17:58 1.05° N 79.88° W      4.1 Near Coast of Ecuador 20.67km Atacames,Esmeraldas
3.9 2016/12/19 03:08:01 1.03° N 79.85° W 5.0 Near Coast of Ecuador 18.56km Atacames,Esmeraldas
3.9 2016/12/19 03:04:14 0.98° N 79.80° W 10.0 Near Coast of Ecuador 14.00km Atacames,Esmeraldas
4.0 2016/12/19 02:53:58 1.18° N 80.06° W 6.2 Off Coast of Ecuador M 41.80km Atacames,Esmeraldas
4.2 2016/12/19 02:24:53 1.10° N 79.86° W 1.9 Near Coast of Ecuador 26.21km Atacames,Esmeraldas
3.9 2016/12/19 02:18:48 1.03° N 79.84° W 8.5 Near Coast of Ecuador 18.15km Atacames,Esmeraldas
3.4 2016/12/19 02:15:44 0.98° N 79.86° W 14.7 Near Coast of Ecuador 12.48km Atacames,Esmeraldas
5.7 2016/12/19 02:11:38 0.93° N 79.81° W 5.2 Near Coast of Ecuador 8.09km Atacames,Esmeraldas

and I though Monday, December 12, news were bad!

Info about earthquake-related deaths and destruction in Atacames and Tonsupa here elcomercio-sismos-esmeraldas-danos-atacames

El Hotel Fogón Manabita, en el malecón de Tonsupa, sector Cabaplan, tiene daños en su estructura y mampostería. Foto: Marcel Bonilla / EL COMERCIO

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