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Friday, December 16, 2016

Real life "Avatar" story in Ecuador Amazonia. December 2016.

Where: Ecuador’s southern rain forests, in the province of Morona-Santiago, which borders Peru. Shuar country of the Cordillera del Condor, the rain forest mountain. The Condor is ancestral home to 8,000 Shuar, the most storied warrior tribe in the annals of colonialism in the New World. Wiki_Shuar_People

2012, Indigenous Ecuadorians protest against mining in the province of Morona-Santiago. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Problem: Foreign mining firms were invited to deforest and drill much of the country’s remaining pristine forests. A joint venture led by the Ch Railway Corp. is building infrastructure for an open-sky copper mine named "Mirador".  To the north and east of the Ch concession, gold giant Kinross is prepping its 39 lots, including the envy of the industry, Fruta del Norte, believed to be Latin America’s largest deposit of high-grade gold. 
Shuar lands was taken away from them and used for mining activity, Shuar families have been displaced by the project which if completed will result in the destruction of 450,000 hectares of cloud forest. 
Three violent death of a Shuar leaders in six years. Bosco Wisum died from gunshot wounds in clashes with police in 2009. Freddy Taish was shot during a military operation against mining in 2013. José Tendetza battered body was found in an unmarked grave in 2015. 
Sources: ecuador-gold-mining-indigenous-vow-to-fight-to-death/
Happening: State of emergency is declared in the province of Morona Santiago. Troops are moved to an Amazonian region where apparently indigenous protesters attacked a Ch-owned mine, leaving at least one policeman dead. Officials say about 60 people believed to be Shuar attacked copper mine on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, killing one policeman and wounding several others. 

Artist's Vision of events in the province of Morona-Santiago. 
Author: Ecuadorian caricaturist Toño Velasco

What:  Real life "Avatar" story in photos. 
Whereprovince of Morona-Santiago, Ecuador.
When: December 2016.

En el cantón San Juan Bosco hay resguardo policial y militar. El jueves al mediodía llegaron refuerzos de policías y militares de Quito y Guayaquil. Foto: API

Grupos de militares recorren las calles del poblado de San Juan Bosco. Foto: API
Hasta las 10:00 de este jueves 15 de diciembre del 2016 habían sido trasladados 91 agentes del GIR a Morona Santiago. Foto: Enrique Pesantes/ EL COMERCIO

Un campamento militar provisional organizado en el coliseo de la parroquia Santiago de Panantza. Foto: Fernando Flores para EL COMERCIO  

Presencia de tanques de guerra en Morona Santiago tras declaratoria de Estado de Excepción. Source: Conaie Comunicación

Photo: Agencia Andes

"Primero Ecuador/Ecuador First" banner

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