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Friday, December 2, 2016

Changes at InterNations Quito. December 2016.

More events, from one per month Get-Together toward two per month Get-Together starting early December 2016. 
More Ambassadors, InterNations Ambassadors organize regular events and various expat activities. to organize more events now there are four Ambassadors.
Hey all, so first of all this is our first event as Ambassadors (Andrés and Gaby), so we all be doing our best to do some fun and warm events from now on. We'll be supporting Alba and María Elena and organize the first monthly event from now on while they will continue organizing one later in the month.
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Entrance fee increaseFrom the description of event on Wed, Nov 23 "InterNations Event with a Great Presentation about Ecuador"
Please note: In order to cover the costs of our InterNations Events and maintain the high quality, we decided to increase the entrance fee to $10 for Albatross members and $20 for Basic members. This is in alignment with InterNations HQ and a reasonable step to react to the increased prices in general. And of course we still want to offer you great deals with welcome drinks and appetizers! Hope you enjoy them! 
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Small groups talking to each other not welcome anymore? All dance and sing together! From the description of event "Let's Celebrate Quito's Festivities at Strawberry Fields" on Wed 07 Dec 18:30 - 23:00
We all do ice breaking sessions so everyone gets to know each other, we don't like just small groups talking to each other and of course we all put some classical music during Quito's Festivities (Chulla Quiteño?), so we can all dance and sing together and get to know each other in a fun way.
And finally if we all choose we can go dance after 11pm somewhere else at the area! 
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Keep your intentions quiet and be discreet from now on, sometimes-cranky female chief-organizers are watching you!
From ExpatExchange Ecuador forum
Internations has announced it is bumping up its Expat-friendly meetups here from one per month to two, starting in early December. However, the sometimes-cranky female chief-organizer of Internations/Quito is on a crusade to keep men-seeking-women activity to a minimum -- even wants to purge these ‘buscadores.’
So keep any such intentions quiet and be discreet at the Xmas party.
Google: Internations Quito events
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Private opinion, Quito InterNations member
I attended this week’s Internations event on Wednesday (November 23) night.
I noticed....
...only about 35 people attended on Wednesday, whereas previous events this year drew more than twice that amount. I suspect the drop-off in attendance is due to 
(1) higher pricing -- collecting $25 from non-members is quite a boost... 
(2) the announced plan to have a 45-minute presentation from EC tourist officials, which reduces schmoozing and intermingling, and possibly 
(3) previous comments by one of Ambassadors discouraging male/female mingling. 
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