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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Is it safe to live in Ecuador? It depends what you compare it with. September 2016.

Often, people from US ask forums of expats if it's safe to live in Ecuador.
Not really; considering that Ecuador moving toward socialism, there is danger of becoming Venezuela.  Earthquakes in Ecuador range from destructive to scary and annoying. Crime is a severe problem in Ecuador, you have to be extra careful with your possessions, the thieves are always watching you, looking for opportunity to steal. 

So, it's not really safe to live in Ecuador, but it depends what you compare it with. 
At least here we don't have trucks plowing through crowd, MASS public shootings, bombing and stabbings and very unlikely for that to happen: first, because there are no free handouts here, second, lack of oxygen in the Andes and abundance of sun changing people behavior. 
As for now, I would rather be in Ecuador than in USA  or Europe.

Timeline of the attacks in US: New York, New Jersey and Minnesota. 
Saturday, September 17, 2016.

Saturday 9:35am ET. - New Jersey
Pipe bomb explodes near a charity race at  Seaside Park, New Jersey, organized by the US Marines. 

Saturday 8:30pm ET - New York 
A loud explosion is heard in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. At least 29 people injured in New York's popular Chelsea neighborhood on Saturday. On Monday, NYPD confirm that suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, a naturalized US citizen born in Afghanistan, has been taken into custody following a shoot-out with police 

Saturday 8:15pm CT -  Minnesota
Knife-wielding assailant dressed in security guard uniform stabs 8 people in a Minnesota shopping centre, a bloody rampage during which he reportedly asked at least one victim whether they were Muslim and referenced Allah.
Authorities didn't identify the attacker, but the Star Tribune of Minneapolis said the man's father identified him as Dahir A. Adan, 22. Speaking to the newspaper through an interpreter, Ahmed Adan, whose family is Somali, said his son was born in Africa and had lived in the U.S. for 15 years.

If you are not safe in Minnesota mall, at New Jersey event and in Manhattan's restaurant , you are not safe anywhere. Myth of safety is long gone!

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