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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trip to Pasto, Colombia: The road between Ipiales and Pasto. July 2016.

The road between Ipiales and Pasto twists and snakes. This stretch of road is scary, landslides are fairly common. 
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I noticed that most houses and buildings, visible from the road, are more picturesque than in Ecuador, although they share almost the same architecture. 
On Thursday (end of July, 2016) we drove through at least three military roadblocks and one police roadblock. The soldiers looked intimidating with their camo, bulletproof vests, and automatic weapons. We had one encounter with police in Pasto, they checked paperwork of our driver, his cedula, matricula and SOAT. They chatted a little with our driver, asked some questions in friendly and professional way.
Colombian commercial truck drivers were on strike at the time. Trucks that we saw drove in caravans with police or military escort. Some of them had damaged windows. When we passed the toll, somewhere between Ipiales and Pasto, I had an idea why truck drivers might be on strike, for our fairly small car it costed about $3 to pass.

Cafe de la Baca, Garden cemetery in Tulcán

Crossing the Rumichaca Bridge by car, buying SOAT.

Exchanging dollars to Colombian pesos

Returning from Colombia to Ecuador

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