La Ronda is just around the corner

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Drama in Centro Historico - Superheroes versus bureaucracy. Who won the battle? Quito, Ecuador. August 2016.

April 2016. Captain America, Spider-man, Iron Man, Captain Jack Sparrow and others lost the battle in April. For a while, they won't  be at La Ronda taking pictures with visitors.  
The "Superheroes" submitted request to the municipality to obtain permit required to work at La Ronda as they did for years. However, it's not a sale of products, such as candy, no one (in municipality) can give an answer  what type of economic activity takes place and what kind of permit they need.
In April 2016, some of them received a warrant for abuse of public space and for not having a permit for this activity. This means that they cannot be present in this area. The penalty for violating would be $183, according to the Ordinance 332.
Vicente Costales/ EL COMERCIO
 'Captain America' showing warrant issued by Policía Municipal and la Comisaría de Salud del Municipio de Quito 
on April 9.


These young entrepreneurs not allowed to make money and entertain La Ronda crowd. No permit issued, because not clear what kind of activity they perform, no permit - no opportunity to work. Just like a vicious circle no one gets around. 

Hopefully they won't end up being criminals like "heroes" of this article.

Update - August 2016. They are back. On Friday and Saturday nights I spotted the superheros and movie characters at La Ronda. They moved from their usual spot where they were more visible to the side of the street, otherwise they are entertaining La Ronda crowd. 

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