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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trip to Pasto,Colombia: Crossing the Rumichaca Bridge by car, buying SOAT. Quito, Ecuador. July 2016.

Tulcán is just 7 km (4.3 mi) from the Colombian border, the international bridge Rumichaca. This bridge between Colombia and Ecuador is all it really takes to go from one country to the next. Hardly any border control, basically left to the traveler to stop and get passport stamps.
Border officials didn't pay any attention to our car with Quito plates going from Ecuador to Colombia on Thursday  afternoon in July 2016. They didn't stop us, we didn't bother them.
I didn't see anyone, not cars, not people, being stopped in this (E -C) direction, not on Ecuador side, not on Colombian side. I traveled with my Ecuadorian cedula and color copy of my US passport main page. This trip took four days and nobody never asked me once for any form of documentation, not counting cashiers in the stores when I used my credit card. 
Rumichaca Bridge(from Ecuador to Colombia) we passed in a breeze. The only stop we made on a bridge was to buy SOAT, mandatory third party traffic accident insurance.  It's obligatory for all vehicles driving in or transiting through Colombian territory.  We paid $25 for one month SOAT. There are lots of little shops on a right side of bridge (Ecuador to Colombia direction) selling SOAT in between Ecuador and Colombia customs buildings.

The international bridge Rumichaca

Bridge Photo: Mark Berman
Photo: File /Andes

Trip to Pasto,Colombia: Cafe de la Baca, Garden cemetery in Tulcán.

Changing dollars to Colombian pesos

Road from Ipiales to Pasto

Returning from Colombia to Ecuador

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