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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cost of living in Quito, Ecuador. Utilities, association fee, property tax. July 2016.

In Quito you don't need heating and air-conditioning. There is no home owners insurance in Ecuador, as far as I know, if something happens - you are on your own.
All numbers are for my two bedroom, 92 square meters (about 990 square feet) North Quito apartment, year of built - 2010.

Property tax paid in 2016  $34.55

Association fee (alicuota) $35 per month (2016)

Electric bill  $7.87
Bank commission for paying online: $0.35    
Total electric bill paid in July 2016: $8.22

Water bill  $6.57
Bank commission for paying online:  0.35
Total water paid in July 2016  $6.92 

Landline phone bill:  $11.98
Bank commission for paying online:  $0.35
Total phone bill paid in July 2016  $12.33

Centralized gas: $3- $4 per month (2016)

Fiber-optic Internet $36.40 per month (2016)

Cost of basic over the counter medicine


Russian farmer's products

Cost of living in Quito, Ecuador-appliances.

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