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Friday, June 24, 2016

Recommendation for an agency that will help with the residence visa. Quito, Ecuador. June 2016.

From Cotacachi Expats Facebook page:
Question: Does anyone have a recommendation for an agency that will help with the residence visa process. Someone that you personally used with great results.
Gringo Visas - Maite Duran - she and her team went the extra mile to get our visas. She also has an associate in Quito.
US number is 203-648-4511 Ecuador 0989153622

EcuaAssist has done a fantastic job for me.

Joseph Guznay is a young Quito-based attorney who offers excellent visa services at a very reasonable fee. I have never heard a single complaint about him from any expat who has used him, which makes him the best choice in my opinion. He is gracious, efficient, friendly, professional and utterly reliable every step of the way. He had my pensioner's visa ready for pickup in Quito in under two months. Joseph also spent a year attending a US university, so his knowledge of English and American culture make working with him very easy. He can be reached at 098 747 3181 or I could not recommend anyone more highly. 

Sebastian Cordero - Quito lawyer - solid, informed, efficient. Office # 022447551

I use excellent Lawyer, living in Cotacachi, having office in Otavalo, had my visa in 8 days, just perfect and timing, his name is Santiago M. Andrade, I was still living in Texas when we start communicating, he told me in all details what I need and after my permanent arrival was only 8 days to have visa in my US passport, then few days later Cedula, which is Ecuadorian ID. 
They made the process simple. He and Sandra helped get our visas and cedulas in less than 6 weeks. They are professional and answer emails or calls very quickly. I would have been completely lost without their help.
Yep, Santiago and Sandra Santiago M. Andrade

We used Santiago Andrade a few years back and everything was going smooth. A friend of mine used Santiago Andrade's service last year and he was happy like we were. Best choice: Santiago Andrade

The EC government has a campaign encouraging people to not use an intermediary for tramites...long history of corruption and fraud with attorneys/facilitators here. You might consider using a translator only and filing yourself.

from Ecuador Expat Forum
I still think the best method is a combination of good preparation and then the assistance of a good and reasonably priced Facilitator, and yes I recommend Dana Cameron ( or to help you file the application.

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