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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Medical care in Quito, Ecuador. Part two. June 2016.

Recently I found clinic not far away from where I live. This clinic is part of the Sistemas Médicos USFQ.
I registered as a new patient online and went to the clinic on Monday morning. Appointments to the general care physician are on a "first come first serve" basis. 
The building is modern and nice looking, I approached the front desk, told them that I need to see therapist and I don't have an insurance, paid $27 and sat down to wait for my vital signs to be taken. 
In a 15-20 minutes I got it done (vital signs) and went upstairs to see the doctor. Waiting time for the doctor was about 40- 50 minutes. The doctors in Ecuador actually spend time with the patient. This doctor wasn't an exception. The visit took almost 30 minutes.
I was diagnosed with acute pharyngitis and high blood pressure.
For acute pharyngitis two pills were prescribed:
Curam (amoxicilina + calvulanico),       $16.68 for 14 pills  
in English Amoxicillin-clavulanate
and Celebrex(celecoxib),                       $6.80 for 4 pills

For high blood pressure: 
Diovan (valsartan)                                  $32.40 for 30 pills

Cost of necessary blood tests and test to measure kidney functions, done in the same clinic: $59.

Electrocardiogram     $30
To see cardiologist    $37

I am really glad that I found this clinic. It's not as big, not as depressive and crowded as hospitals, prices are reasonable, customer service is super, doctors are experienced.
Medical specialties 
Locations: Cumbayá,  Valle de los Chillos, Quito - Sector La Carolina, Quito - Carcelén

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