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Friday, June 17, 2016

Medical care in Quito, Ecuador. Part one. June 2016.

When I was new in Quito and my Spanish was limited I went to Hospital Metropolitano for checkups, maintenance visits and medical emergency. 
If you prefer to communicate in English - Hospital Metropolitano is more suitable for you: most of the doctors speak English.
In 2006/2007 visit to the general care physician in Hospital Metropolitano was $30, in $2012 - $40. 

In 2006 -2012, the system in Hospital Metropolitano worked this way - if you have medical problem go to the Hospital, to the information desk and tell what kind of problem or what kind of doctor you want to see and make sure that doctor speaks English (in Hospital Metropolitano).. Usually(especially in morning hours) some doctors are available immediately or shortly.
In Metropolitano doctors are like an independent contractors, you pay to their office.

When my Spanish was enough to talk to the medical personnel, I started to use services of Hospital Vozandes
In Hospital Vozandes the doctor's appointment(general care physician)  was $18 in 2013, $20 in 2014 and $22 in 2015, some of doctors speak English, but you cannot count on it.
In Hospital Vozandes, the doctors are part of the hospital, you pay to the hospital's cashier (VozAndes accept international credit cards if amount to be paid is $35 and more - rules of 2014) and then go to your assigned doctor.

After you made a contact with the doctor, in Hospital Metropolitano you can call his office directly for appointment. In Hospital Vozandes you call customer service and ask an appointment with certain doctor.

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