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Friday, April 8, 2016

Shopping in a supermarket in Ecuador is more expensive that in USA, Spain, Colombia and Peru. April 2016. has developed a list of 17 products that everyone consumes daily (except in the case of the sanitary wipes that are only for women), products bought on a regular basis.
Total Price (of 17 products):
Ecuador              $76.43
USA                    $75.18
Peru                    $69.37
Colombia            $60.33
Spain                  $60.02

However, one can save money in Ecuador to offset cost of shopping:
Property taxes, association fees and utilities are much cheaper than in US.
Medical care is much cheaper than in US 
If you shop for the food in the farmer markets and tiendas, your grocery bill will be much lower than in supermarkets
In the mountains, no heating or cooling bills, no boots and winter coats.
No necessity to have a car, taxis are cheap by US standards, public transportation is even cheaper.

By the way to acquire and maintain a car is very expensive in Ecuador.

Potential expats from USA and Canada love to think about Ecuador as a cheap and "organic" country. Reality is a little bit different.

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