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Monday, April 18, 2016

Saturday night earthquake. "Conspiracy theories". Quito Ecuador. April 2016.

Japan was struck by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake on April 15, 2016. One day later, on April 16, Ecuador was struck by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake.
The earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador this weekend occurred along the Ring of Fire, a long chain of volcanoes and other tectonically active structures surrounding the Pacific. Image via U.S. Geological Survey.

Image via U.S. Geological Survey.

Are the two somehow related?
nytimes journalists said no, it is not related. 
No. The two quakes occurred about 9,000 miles apart. That’s far too distant for there to be any connection between them.
end of quote

However, there are others with opposing opinions.
Powerful Earthquakes Occurring Every Day Reflect A Planet In Deep Transition.
from the article above:
There have been 16 major earthquakes measuring 6.0 or higher in April alone and nine in the last seven days. source
end of quote
according to this article
... deep drilling actually causing earthquakes
... There is mounting evidence that electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons developed over the last quarter century can heat up known fault lines over targeted areas to cause tectonic plate shifts. The Fukushima disaster, the Chile, and the Haiti earthquakes in recent years are suspected to be EMP induced.

More earthquakes coming?
or is that another "conspiracy theory" and we should believe nytimes?

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