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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Saturday night earthquake. Aftermath. Part two. Quito Ecuador. April 2016.

According to the article below, in order to to clean up the ruins and re-build affected areas, the regime decided to implement more taxes, to take on more debt and to try direct expropriation.
From the article translated in English.
An increase in the country's VAT,value added tax, from 12 percent to 14 percent for a year.
Mandatory wage contributions
Anyone whose assets exceed $1 million will have to pay a one-time contribution of 0.9 percent of their wealth and extra utilities payments.
Unspecified state assets would be sold
More debt

Here are popular suggestions on Facebook, posted and re-posted by citizens, what to do instead of raising taxes, taking on more debt and expropriate money.

To eliminate las Sabatinas
To eliminate Ministry of Good Living
To eliminate Space Institute
To reduce monthly salary of certain members of regime to $2500
To sell some official mass media
To sell presidential aircraft 

Since taking office eight years ago, the President has delivered a weekly speech called “Citizen’s Link,” colloquially known as sabatinas—a reference to the fact that they are delivered every Saturday. He has given 410 sabatinas to date, most of which run past the three-hour mark.  
USD 30,000 per week for every sabatina.

According to the source below, there is a Ministry de Buen Vivir in the country, with a staff of 30, a $2 million annual budget and a direct line to the President.

According to to this article, Instituto Espacial (Space Institute) created on July 19, 2012.

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