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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Saturday night earthquake. Aftermath. Part one. Quito Ecuador. April 2016.

There are lots of articles in mass media about aftermath of the earthquake, but info really get around on Facebook.
Lots of posts about how you can provide support to families affected by the disaster.

The Red Cross published locations of provincial boards to receive donations for those affected by the earthquake.

Donations accepted in Parque Carolina, Quito

Donations accepted in Parque Carolina, Quito
Animals in affected areas need help as well

Facebook, April 19. Posted by Mariadelourdes Campos
Dear Expats Community. I know some of you are with your open hearts wanting to help the people that are suffering in the Coast. If some of you want to help the mission that my son is starting, I will like to share with you.this info:30 cars in a caravan are leaving from Quito tomorrow at 5 am with 60 people. Their target is Canoa, and from there to reach the closest towns that have had no help so far,because they are too far. Some of them disappeared. They are traveling with policemen and private guards. Taking doctors and psychologists, rescuers, medicine, non perishable food, tents, lots of repellent, masks, first aid kits and lots of tools that will facilitate them to rescue alive or death people. They will send tonight 2 trucks with 450 bottles of 5-gallon water. lots of clothes and food. 
If you feel like donating for this ´´mission´´ you can do so through me. What they need most is basic medicine mask, repellent, food that will last. blankets,tents, towels, pots for cooking, salt, seasonings. matches, small mattresses. On Thursday 2 more trucks will be leaving.
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However, there are not so good news
Facebook post, Conza Flores F, April 17.
No immediate efforts to save lifes and to help affected areas.
Estoy triste, me siento impotente y tengo mucha vergüenza de quienes gobiernan mi Ecuador, porque sé que debajo de estos escombros hay muchos cuerpos humanos sin vida y quizás algunos aún con halo de vida, pero que por la NEGLIGENCIA del gobierno de turno que NO acudieron a salvar vidas ya sucumbieron, ante tanta indolencia NO SE PUEDE RESISTIR MÁS, las Fuerzas Armadas, la policía e incluso ambulancias siempre están a tiempo para REPRIMIR las PROTESTAS DEL PUEBLO sin embargo en esta URGENCIA NO ESTUVIERON A TIEMPO- Ademas CORTARON EL DERECHO a los medios PRIVADOS de COMUNICACIÓN a dar libre y veraz INFORMACIÓN del estado de nuestros hermanos afectados porque hicieron una LEY de comunicación PERVERSA Y PROHIBITIVA
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Google translation of her post
I'm sad, I feel powerless, and I have much shame of those who govern my E, because I know that there are many human bodies under these debris and perhaps some even with halo's life, but that the negligence of the Government of the day did not go to save lives they already succumbed, before such indolence is can not resist, armed forces , the police and even ambulances are always in time to suppress the protests of the people however this urgency not on time —  the right to the private media were also cut of communication to give free and accurate information on the status of our  affected brethren because they made a PERVERSE and PROHIBITIVE communication law. 
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Facebook, April 18. this truck that was loaded with donations heading to Pedernales was raided by thieves. It was intercepted on the road to Daule. Thieves took everything.

Facebook, posted by M G, April 19
Wow, I just spoke on the phone with a good friend of mine who lives in Muisne....very bad news there. There are no police, there are no military, the Fire Dept. is closed up, there is no Red Cross, the Mayor has left, there is no help there at all.....people are walking a km. to El Salto to get some food and water. There are lootings, they have lost their houses, they are suffering.
My friend is not super poor, but by no means rich.... and can afford water and some things. This is a very poor area to begin with, of about 5,000 people, about 1,000 have left, but the others cannot. Some are managing to take little boats to the mainland, but there is really nothing there. He has given his cell phone for all to use.
He asked me if I could please put on the internet that MUISNE NEEDS HELP! He said that they have showed nothing of the destruction there on the TV news.....and what I have seen has made me cry
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According to this Facebook post, April 19, in order to drive vehicles with donations from Quito to the affected areas of the coast, drivers need documents obtained in offices of MIES(whatever it means).
Necesitas salvoconducto para ayudar? Tienes que poner la etiqueta del Mies?
Pueden obtener el salvo conducto en las oficinas del MIES, en Quito se lo puede obtener en el MIES de la Robles y 9 de Octubre.
end of quote

mobilization order
без бумажки ты какашка

This post from April 18, tells about army intercepting vehicles with donations and unloading donated goods to the military trucks to deliver as government help.
Aquí en cambio pueden escuchar un audio donde denuncian que militares toman las donaciones de los camiones y los ponen en camiones de ellos
You can hear statement of eyewitness here:

Another eyewitness statement from Facebook, April 18, about chaos, bad organization and lack of help.

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