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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Reality of life in Ecuador. April 2016.

I would love to give you good news. So far, as of April 2016, we are out of luck - too much turmoil in this country. The regime wants to impose new tax... again and on April 7th "not regime" going to protest ...again.
As of April 2016, there are two parties in this country, IMHO. The first one is "regime": regime representatives, employees and sympathizers. The second one is "not regime": all others, who doesn't belong to regime.   
Depending on who paid whom for the articles and participations, the media and trolls call "not-regime" part of Ecuador:
left-wing buffons
right-wing politicians
imperialists agents
crowd funded by foreign three-letters agencies
golpistas (participants in the coup d'État)
4 pelucones (you have to Google this one)

According to the Ecuadorian media, the dialogue goes (more or less) like this
"Not regime" pleading: 
Please, regime, you are too big for this small country.
We are taxed more than ever,
We are losing jobs,
We are stripped of opportunities with all of these new laws, taxes, regulations and prohibitions,
There are problems with medications and patient attendance in your public hospitals
please, don't shut down schools and universities you don't like.
We want gas stoves back (gas stoves were manufactured in Ecuador - not anymore, and now they are not sold in stores at all), please don't force us to buy Ch made induction stoves.
Don't sell us and our country to Ch.
Don't force us away from our homes so Ch companies can extract whatever they want in our land.
We don't want to be grabbed by the police, to be beaten and imprisoned while protesting
We are imprisoned and our houses are vandalized for expressing our opinion.

Response: We can't go back to the past, to the modesty and obscurity. There are more of us than ever. Go away "not regime" pelucones, all four of you!

Remember - if you are a foreigner, cedula or not, stay away from the protests. You might be grabbed by the riot police, imprisoned and forced to leave the country. It happened to French-Brazilian journalist Manuela Picq, former professor at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador.

Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it (quote from Game of Thrones), however acknowledging a problem is the first step to finding a solution. Solution for your safety needs and prosperity in Ecuador.

P.S. These above IS NOT my opinion, it's info from Ecuador official media outlets.

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