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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Visa Documents: Apostilled vs Notarized. Quito, Ecuador. March 2016.

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Advise from the forum member: 
The biggest issue we have had so far is that your full name must match on all your documents and your U.S. passport. This means that your middle name must be completely spelled out on your passport if there is a middle name on any of your other documents.

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Your documents, such as Birth Certificate, Marriage License, Final Judgment of Divorce, Name Change, State Police Report etc would be coming from a State office and would go directly to the Secretary of State for Apostille.
University documents require a notary stamp and then are sent to the Secretary of State where the school is located for Apostille
FBI reports are sent to the US Secretary of State for Apostille

The next step is for each package to be fully translated into Spanish including the fine print and including the verbiage on all pages front and back, and a document in Spanish by the translator that states their qualifications sworn to under oath and Notarized
It is best to do this (translation into Spanish- LB) in Ecuador so that this can be signed by an Ecuador notary, thus avoiding the necessity of having to resend the package, with an USA notary stamp back to the State Capital for yet another Apostille.

An apostille is a statement by the Government entity of a State or Nation confirming that the attached document conforms to the agreement of those countries who are Treaty members of the Hague Conventions which occurred following WWII to give full faith and credit to signatures and documents of certain types between their countries.
Note that Canada is not a member.

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