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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Reality of life in Ecuador. March 2016.

I love living in Quito, Ecuador. 
Sun shines every day in Quito. 
Locally grown food cheaper(than in US) and abundant.
No heating and cooling bills, no winter coats and boots. 
Property tax and association fees are small fraction what they are in US.
No need to have a car: Taxis are cheap. Buses and trolleys and even cheaper.
Visit to a medical doctor is affordable.
People are more open and friendly.
and so on...

However, going to visit or relocate to Ecuador one has to understand reality of this country:
Ecuador is deeply in debt with China
The outstanding debt to China is 900 times larger than the amount owed by Ecuador to that country in 2007 that was $ 7.1 million......
Future oil production of Ecuador sold to China for at least next five years.

New labor laws (since 2007) and bureaucracy reinforcing these laws (among other reasons) increasing unemployment. According to official statistics, in 2015, Ecuador had 13% more unemployed than in 2007.

Robberies are on a rise. Electronics and smart phones (expensive in Ecuador due to high import duties) are favorite items for thieves to target. It's a very lucrative business stealing and selling - no labor laws to follow, no need to buy license to operate and very low chance of punishment.

Ecuadorian roads are in much better condition now than in 2006, however they are perpetual work (and investment) in progress.

Consumer goods and services are heavily taxed in Ecuador. Many Ecuadorians travel to Colombia where prices are significantly lower, to do shopping, including grocery shopping.
These who can, travel to do shopping in USA. Merchandise there are cheap (compared to Ecuador's prices) and selection is much better.

Private K12 education varies from expensive to very expensive in Ecuador. Sending your child to public school in Ecuador can seriously hurt the student's chances to succeed in life.

Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it (quote from Game of Thrones), however acknowledging a problem is the first step to finding a solution. Solution for your safety needs and prosperity in Ecuador.

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