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Friday, March 25, 2016

How much liquor you can bring to Ecuador tax free. Alcohol prices in Ecuador. March 2016.

The liquor sector in Ecuador recorded five tax hikes since 2009
And tax hike number six is coming soon.
The new round of taxes, announced last week will also target cigarettes and sugared soft drinks (in addition to liquor).
As a result the import of liquors was reduced 70% over five years

Alcohol is expensive in Ecuador and selection is poor. In 2009 the regimen started to increase regulations and imposed a greater burden of tax and customs fees. If you are drinker, socially or otherwise, and thinking of relocating or traveling to Ecuador, keep in mind that you will be paying double/triple price for booze, including wine from Chile and Argentina.
Bottle of "Absolute" vodka, 750 ml, cost around $20 in USA, $62 in Quito supermarket.
Tequila "Silver Patron" around $30-$36 in duty free stores in US  $89 in Quito.

How much liquor you can bring to Ecuador tax free by land: none
According to SENAE (The national service of customs of Ecuador) liquor brought to the country by land border IS NOT in the list of personal effects of the traveler; i.e. is not exonerated from tax good, so traveler should pay taxes on ALL liquor brought from abroad by land.
Liquor you can bring by air, tax free: on the other hand, the 18-year-old traveler can enter up to three liters of alcoholic beverages without paying taxes. If this amount is exceeded, the person must pay the proportional part of taxes on liquor.

However if you like a Czech Pilsener style beer you are in luck. Pilsener and Club brewed by Cervezas Nacionales in Ecuador, it's cheap and sold everywhere. There is a growing craft beer scene emerging in Ecuador as well. Beer drinkers rejoice! 

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