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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Will a Gringo Step Forward and Revive South American Explorers? Quito, Ecuador. February 2016.

I received email from Hank Dolmatch in Quito:
Will a Gringo Step Forward and Revive South American Explorers?

The story:
In Quito there is the SAE(South American Explorers) Quito clubhouse
see photo below:
SAE(South American Explorers) Quito clubhouse
It functions as a hostel and once per month there used to be parties in there. Also, it serves as a meeting point for The Quito Hiking Club events.
For many years John C. was a manager of this establishment and as of January 1, 2016 he officially retired from this position.

the Hank Dolmatch' email
For immediate release on Day in Quito site and any other outlets....
An internal exchange of SAE emails shows that the Lima, Peru-based governors of the Explorers organization recently rejected a plan to revive the SAE Quito clubhouse and operations in the wake of its long-time manager's retirement.

The emails indicate that an Ecuadorian named Victor offered to bring rent and taxes up to date, but his proposal was so thin it didn't even state his full name in what was presented to SAE's Lima board.

This opens the door for a Gringo, Gringa or Gringo-team to put together a credible business plan to revive SAE in Quito and instantly become player(s) in the Expat community of Quito.

South American Explorers -- website -- currently has only two remaining clubhouses in South America, both in Peru:  Lima and Cusco.  There is or was a Facebook page with plentiful photos showing the clubhouse, the hikes, the events and the members of the Quito SAE.

Anyone who would consider stepping forward to revive SAE in Quito as a business may contact me for a virtual introduction to the right folks.
Hank Dolmatch in Quito, email:
end of quote 

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