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Friday, February 26, 2016

Cost of living in Quito, Ecuador. Russian speaking farmer's products. February 2016.

Russian speaking farmers deliver their products in Quito.
If you would like to order, call 0982288987 ask Aleksei, he is fluent in Spanish
In the pictures - size of plate in diameter 10.5 inches or 26 -27 cm

Prices as of February 2016.

                                     Bread $3 for one loaf

Bread $3 for one loaf

                                     Kefir, one liter $4
Kefir, one liter $4
Honey, one liter jar $10
                    Homemade strawberry jam Russian style - whole berries
strawberry jam, jar $4
                                     Salted / pickled herrings $10
Salted / pickled herrings $10
                                    Hot smoked trout
Hot smoked trout cost $5-$6, depends on weight
Homemade sauerkraut - one pound cost $1.50 
Homemade sauerkraut - one pound cost $1.50 
Also, they have 
Dried fish (popular with beer among Russians), 
Tvorog, a very popular and nutritious dairy product that is very similar to western cottage cheese, though most Russians will swear by tvorog.

Rental in Quito, for tourists and expats.
We have a 2 bedroom, 1 bath totally remodeled
Colonial Quito, furnished apartment for rent.
Anti-noise windows in both bedrooms
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