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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Your blog info makes the whole of Ecuador and Quito in particular very undesirable. January 2016.

In December 2015, I received email from Brian Y.
Hello, I was considering visiting Ecuador and making Quito one of my stops. Your blog info makes the whole of Ecuador and Quito in particular  very undesirable. I'm wondering if you
even realize that your apartment remains vacant because of your negative blogging. Good luck with that.
End of quote

According to his approach, the whole world is undesirable right now, including European countries, US and Canada - damn these "negative" news and blogs!
Read this "negative" article (link below) and no Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, India, Nicaragua, Singapore, Britain, Dubai and China for your neither?

At least sun still shines every morning (well, almost every..) in Quito and view is magnificent from my La Ronda condo's balcony and terrace.    
Happy New Year Quito, I love you!!! I wish you to be as affordable and free spirited as in the past!!!

P.S. My La Ronda condo is still affordable, especially in comparison with New York, Miami, Moscow, London, Paris, and even Minneapolis rentals!  

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