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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Why we can not go back to the past? It was good back then. Quito, Ecuador. December 2015.

Slogan "No podemos volver al pasado"- in English "We cannot go back to the past" is used a lot by the current regime. Why not? I miss Ecuador circa 2006 and 2007. 

In the past I spent weekly $40 -$50 on food, beer, wine and occasional going out. 
In the past I walked to the store in Centro Historico and bought gas range for about $200, washing machine for approximately $200, gas calefon for $180, and other affordable appliances. 

In the past taxes for food and merchandise weren't so enormous, especially for the imported goods.  
In the past law and custom agents didn't treat every business and individual who wanted to bring goods to Ecuador like an enemy of the state.
In the past government didn't dictate you what kind of appliances, gas or electric, you should buy.

In the past you could stay in the country for 180 days on your tourist visa.
In the past Reg Civ had few customer service windows. Now it's more than 60 and countless legal advisers and supervisors.
In the past, even if you had few extra dollars in your pocket, you could hire "tramitadores" and they would deal with bureaucracy on your behave.
In the past for a $$$ or may be $$$$ the lawyers would take your documents and in a few weeks deliver your passport with appropriate visa.  

In the past we were sitting with my friend inside of CCI mall, she was smoking, ventilation was super - I didn't have any second hand smoke hitting me. I was thinking - I found it, I found country where people have personal freedom to smoke, because you know
first they prohibited smoking in some public places 
then they prohibited gas ranges and calefons,
then they prohibited gambling,
then they prohibited (well, they castrated it) bullfight 
then they prohibited sale of baking soda
much more is prohibited now and who knows what else will be prohibited in the future, as usual for your own good.
In the past majority of middle class families could have domestic help and everyone was happy, families would come back from work to clean houses and food on a table, domestic help had their employment. Government was out of pictures. Now the labor laws are so rigid, it's out of question for middle class to have help anymore.  
In the past Quiteños could enjoy annual bullfighting festival at Plaza de Torres. Quito bullfighting festival is no more.
In the past casinos were open and people could get relieved of their money and have fun in the process. Now some people still gamble, only underground.
In the past children of certain families could work without fear of being taken by the government officials and placed to the Government Children's Homes. Now some of them are loitering and participating in the criminal activities. What else to do?
In the past, in public schools English used to be taught at every grade level. Now they teach a lot of "educacion fisica" and Quechua(instead of English) in majority of public schools. The same with computer skills, out of a window.
In the past doctors were left alone and not forced to have liability insurance to cover allowed, since 2014, lawsuits against the doctors. 

In the past China didn't have near monopoly control of crude exports from Ecuador in exchange of providing financing to regime.
In the past there were no Troll centers operating multiple social-media accounts dedicated to monitoring and attacking the Ecuadorian opposition.
In the past regime didn't use agents provocateurs to undermine protest movements.
In the past Pres Palace wasn't heavily protected with thousands of riot police when people are protesting.
In the past this country didn't have one the biggest government in South America.

P.S. When I say "In the past" I mean 2006 and 2007. 
Also I would like to add: all above IS NOT my opinion, "Just the facts, ma'am".

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