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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More changes in Ecuador. December 2015. Quito, Ecuador.

In the past, some teenagers and pre-teenagers boys were making money by shining shoes on the streets of Quito. Lots of them. You could count on it - if you have dirty shoes, one of the shoe shining boys pop up from somewhere right away. They did a good job: cheap (50 cents) and shoes are clean and shiny in no time.
Now, first of all, they as children under 18 years old who are not allowed to work, and second, it looks like municipality launched a war against these who want to sell wares and services on a streets of Quito (see links below). Unemployment is substantial and people don't want to die from hunger, so they still try to sell something, although there are no kids (providing their services) on a streets.
When pre-teenagers or teenagers, full of energy, not exactly academic type and with ambitions to have, for example, iPhone and new jeans, cannot work legally - what do you think happens? That is right - you can forget about safety in Ecuador, although it's nice to know that children under 18 are "protected" here.
In the so-called "first world countries" small individual businesses are virtually prohibited (one needs to obtain expensive license, there are regulations, permissions, following the ordinances, etc) but at least US, Europe, Canada have government programs that provide financial help for families and individuals.   
Here we have labor laws that are rigid, the regime churning new, prohibitive by nature, laws almost weekly, criminalization of what used to be sources of income for many, no real financial help for the families that are stripped of income, force of police and army that started to crash and jail protesters.  
Affordable, easy going, free-spirited Ecuador circa 2006 is no more. Keep this in mind when you thinking about relocating to Ecuador.

Municipality launched a war against these who want to sell wares and services on a streets of Quito: more restrictions on sales in the streets this season (December 2015)

Photos: El Comercio
Photo: El Comercio 

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