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Monday, December 14, 2015

About Cafe "Dios No Muere", street tango show and other stories. Quito, Ecuador. December 2015.

My condo in Centro Historico wasn't occupied in November and December 2015. There is fierce competition now in Quito: hundreds of furnished apartments available for short and long term rent, dozens of them in Old Town. My apartment is unique because it has double anti-noise windows in both bedrooms, well, majority of people from North America's suburbia don't understand how noisy Quito is and how important is to have peace and quiet in the middle of loud city. Below, photo of anti-noise window in La Ronda condo.
Anti-noise window
Other reasons might be: in 2015 not as many people come to Quito as before and to rent my apartment one has to be fit enough to get on the fourth floor: 67 stairs to climb, no elevator. There was an offer in November, someone wanted to rent my place below market value but I'd rather have it empty and enjoy it myself occasionally.

Days of Quito parades and concerts in Centro Historico, people watching with glass of wine on my balcony. On a weekends there are different shows (musicians, dancers, mimes, ets) at the street Garcia Moreno (in CH). My favorite was a street tango show, three artists from Buenos Aires: violin player and two dancers. 
Mañosa Banda de Teatro

Mañosa Banda de Teatro

Last Saturday my destination was Cafe "Dios No Muere". 

 I was lucky enough to chat with the owner, Mathieu Guillory, for a while. 

We had some catching up to do: I know him since 2006. Back then airbnb wasn't not invented yet, craiglist not as popular in Ecuador. The real estate company, he used to own, helped me to find rental in Centro Historico when I first came to Quito and later with his assistance I bought my La Ronda condo.

Cafe Dios No Muere located on the corner of Flores and Junin (Monastery Santa Catalina, Colonial Quito)
On Facebook: Cafe Dios No Muere

I had few drinks, nice conversation, bought chocolate produced on a farm owned by Mathieu Guillory family. The chocolate is so good that next week I am coming back to stock up.

As one of the reviewers said: Dios No Muere is a strange jump into the past (cafe located in Monastery Santa Catalina - LB). The owner is American, his child helps him with the orders. In all, a nice family-run business...It has a solid character and nice music..

and it's within short walking distance from La Ronda condo

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