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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Some points to consider for young and ambitious gringos who want to make it in Ecuador. November 2015.

Social divisions continues to characterize Ecuadorian society and being a gringo (from the United States, Europe, Russia, etc) is the ultimate status symbol. Not politically correct but true. You can read about it here

Being a gringo, besides giving you a status symbol, making you a target as well. You do need to protect yourself in Ecuador. Here is link to the article how to accomplish it.

Here in Ecuador, family defines a person. It's like a painting, the family is the frame of a person and the painting is the individual.  
Family has money: children of this family have better education. Family has connections: adult children, with better education, have well paying jobs or opportunities for business and so on.

Ecuador women to marry, dating a man from Ecuador.
Choosing Ecuadorian girl from poor family/certain class - expect her family members living with you time to time or on permanent basis. You will be required to help them financially.
Settling with Ecuadorian guy from poor/certain class type of family - sooner or later he starts to put you down, lower your standard of living, making you feel guilty in a process, and most likely, beat you up. I know  instances when poorer Ecuadorian boyfriends compromised financial situation of their "gringas" girlfriends and had substantial gain from it.

Ecuador is not US Midwest with overly casual dress code: they don't wear saggy jeans, t-shirts few sizes too big, no shorts worn in Quito. Here you have to learn to dress tidy, even for casual events. Start with dressing your size, your body type and being neat. Looking well groomed helps to advance here in Ecuador, as well.

When you are young - you have more chances, everything depends on your luck and abilities to adapt. Good luck in Ecuador.

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