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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life in Quito, Ecuador. September 2015.

There are lots of articles on internet lately with disturbing news about Ecuador economy, protests and active volcano. All above is true, the economy is not at its best, there are protests in Ecuador and Cotopaxi Volcano continues spewing smoke and ash and about to erupt. 
However sun still shines in Quito as I writing this. 
On Saturday I went to the farmer market and spent $29 buying fish, chicken, 24 free-range eggs, lots of fruits and vegetables.  
I don't need to drive a car, the bus or trolley ride cost 25 cents and taxi is still cheap, although it's up 40% since April 2015. It used to be $8-$10 per hour, now the taxi ride is $11 - $14 per hour.
In Quito I can walk to little stores, they are everywhere, to the farmer market and from my North Quito apartment I can walk to the supermarket and to the mall. In Minneapolis without car- life is almost impossible.
There are no air-conditioning or heating bills in Quito, since we don't have neither.
Property taxes in Quito less than in US. How about $22 property tax for Centro Historico apartment VS $1100 property tax for Minneapolis apartment that is even smaller. 
Association fee is much smaller. $15 VS $222 (see above - CH Quito VS Minneapolis) and $15 includes concierge!!!
The visit to the doctor is in $10(Club de Leones clinic) - $50(specialist at Hospital Metropolitano) range.
The garden in front of my apartment building not drenched in chemicals so my westie can run around without the risk of getting sick.
Speaking of the dogs, the visit to the vet cost $20 and dog grooming cost $17.
People in Quito are more family oriented, opened, and easy going than in Minneapolis. In Quito, making new friends, Ecuadorians and English speaking alike, is easier. Just go to the InterNations Get Togethers and South American Explorer's parties and you'll meet new people from all around world. 

You can read more expat's opinion about everyday life in Ecuador VS news from Ecuador below.
and I agree with Cuenca Highlife article's author:
.... if things get real bad globally, I would rather be in Ecuador than any other country I can think of.  This is a country that has lived much of its existence in hard times and one that can adjust to them again if it has to. It’s a country of self-sufficiency. It’s a country of survivors

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