La Ronda is just around the corner

Friday, September 11, 2015

Renter's review of 3br/1bth La Ronda rental in Quito. September 2015.

We have recently moved from U.S. California . We have rented the nicest furnished (down to the towels , stainless steel and pot and pans) 3 bedroom condo in the Historic district and are very happy that we did! We are just a block away from public transportation ( trolley .25 a ride) and going in the other direction a block away from many local shops and cafes, there is even a pharmacist on the corner. La Ronda is number 7 on the sites to see and it's not even a block away. It's a very historic area and the Ecuadorians have kept it that way! The people are very nice and forgiving for our poor Spanish. The weather is fantastic 50'-70'! We love it here!!!
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Mark and Melode from California, USA

P.S. This is the last review for 3br/1bth apartment(s). I am no longer managing 3BR/1BTH units. 
The owners, my Ecuadorian neighbors, informed me that I don't charge renters enough. My commissions (less than 10%) probably didn't let them sleep at night as well.
I pointed out that I cannot beef up the price because
1) competition increased tenfold in the area and in Quito in general.
2) in spite of apartments being three bedroom there is only one bathroom.
3) one of the apartments has restaurant right beneath - loud music every Friday and Saturday until 2 a.m. next day.
4) people who are willing to pay more money want more amenities
5) lots of people arrive to Quito to work or volunteer and they are in search of convenient location, closer to their offices, which tend to be in Central - North area of Quito, not in Centro Historico.
The owners disagreed and they are determined to manage their units themselfI wish them good luck.

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