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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Life in Quito. Anecdotes. Ecuador. August 2015.

For many years, every Sunday morning, we have Sunday edition of "El Comercio" delivered to our apartment building, whoever want to buy it goes downstairs and for one dollar it's yours.
The seller, woman who appears to be physical and mental handicap, has a paper route spanning few blocks and many apartment buildings. Her "modus operandi" - she usually sits on a sidewalk in front of one of the conjuntos (apartment building) and hollers "El Comercio", eventually, people living there come out and buy papers from her, sometimes people don't want to walk and they shout so she would deliver paper to their footsteps. Then she moves on to another conjunto and so on.    
One Sunday she seemed to be upset, I asked her what's the matter and it turned out that she left her "base" with rest of the papers and walked short distance to closest apartment building to sell one "El Comercio", she moves very slow due to her disability. Someone stole her papers while she was gone!!! 20 of them, along with the bag. At our peaceful and empty, on Sunday morning, street!
As you can see, thieves in Quito are equal opportunity and if they steal from this kind of person, they will definitely steal from you - if you let them.

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