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Friday, August 14, 2015

Eventful summer 2015 in Quito, Ecuador. August 2015.

We are having an action-packed summertime here in Quito, starting with June's protests

If you are foreigner, even with Ecuadorian residency - it's better to stay away from protests, there is a threat to be deported from the country for participating in manifestations against the regime.
French-Brazilian journalist Manuela Picq was arrested on August 13th for being part of protest and as of August 16th, she was still imprisoned. Her Ecuadorian visa was cancelled. Update: Manuela had to leave Ecuador. She flew to Brazil on Friday, August 21st. 
Manuela Picq is a member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, and professor at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador.  

Her boyfriend, president of Ecuarunari, Carlos Pérez, was recuperating after being in police custody. August 14th, Hospital Eugenio Espejo, Quito.

It's dangerous to protest in new Ecuador of La Revolución Ciudadana (The Citizens' Revolution).  
Latacunga: Luis Hernán Pallasco Vega, President commune Razu Yaku UNOCANC lost right eye by impact of tear-gas bomb. Treated at the Hospital of Latacunga, where there were no specialists.
                                                         The other victims.

Meanwhile, "they" were having a good time on August 13th. 
On August 13th in Guayaquil, Rocko and Blasty performed for government sympathizers

Pope Francis visit in July

Indigenous march to Quito in August

Two faces of the manifestations, anti(contra) and pro(a favor) government
Pro(a favor) government manifestation: people at the Plaza Grande on August 13th.
Plaza Grande was protected by police barricades on August 13th.

Drone video of Quito August 13th protest by Roberto Del Pozo, posted on Facebook. MP4 video.

The volcano Cotopaxi, about 40 mi (or 65 km) south of Quito, continues to spew ash since early morning on August 14th.
photos El Comercio

Life in never boring in Quito, Ecuador....

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