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Friday, July 3, 2015

Protests in Ecuador. July 2015.

Ecuadorians don't even know how lucky they are. Millions of them weren't killed by their own regime, their land didn't see devastating wars, where millions perished and hundreds of thousands were wounded, mentally and physically. Their government is not permanently at war with countless countries for the last 50 or more years, bringing tragedy to the far away lands in the name of so called "democracy" and spending billions of dollars in the process.
Ecuador not resembling Venezuela's or Cuba's regime - thus far.  
Ecuadorian working class are on streets protesting all over country. Ecuadorians don't have fear of the government(not yet) engraved in them, passing from generation to generation.

There are two categories of protesters in Ecuador. 
One of them is pro-government, sponsored by the current regime. Majority of them either paid or obligated to attend protests at the same time when anti-government protests are announced.
These protesters have buses to bring them close to Plaza Grande (Centro Historico, Quito) or other destinations,

sandwiches and fast food delivered to feed them during protests. They are treated with respect by the police and security.
video: delivery of sandwiches to pro-government protesters

Another category - working people who are fed up with the current regime. 
They protest peacefully, no damage to properties or environment. 
There are provocations to discredit the peaceful character of the Ecuadorian protests.

They are encircled by the police, including horse mounted police
as of yesterday, July 2nd, police started to attack them.
and politicians who support them are endangered.

Quito protests

Medics in Quito protest
Medical personnel opposes "la Agencia de Aseguramiento de la Calidad de los Servicios de Salud y Medicina Prepagada", which was created on Friday, June 26, 2015 via a decree by President. This agency will do price control - how much medical providers can charge for medical services, among other controlling functions.

Cuenca protests

Tulcan protests
It takes 30 min by car to get from Tulcan, Ecuador to Ipiales, Colombia. Because merchandise in Ecuador is heavily taxed, especially since new tariffs were implemented in 2015, Ecuadorians from Tulcan and Ibarra drive to Ipiales to shop for TV sets, electronics, clothing, hygienic and cleaning products, coffee, cooking oil and other stuff. In Columbia these goods are much cheaper.
As a result stores going out of business in Ecuador and Columbian commerce is thriving. People of Tulcan have extra reasons to protest.

Guayaquil protests





Ecuadorians abroad protest

Below are the reasons why they are protesting
Shared on Facebook by English speaking Ecuadorians, Author unknown.
Ecuadoran civil society has been protesting for days (weeks - LB) now. National newspapers have declared themselves in resistance, so have the Galapagos Islands. Looking at the international press coverage, most publications report that demonstrations were a response to a change in the inheritance tax law. This is a gross misrepresentation.
In fact, Ecuadorian civil society has many reasons to protest (in no particular order):
The President’s plans for indefinite re-election without consulting the people;
the steady march towards dictatorship;
massive social and environmental damage caused by oil extraction and mining (including the auction of 3 million hectares of virgin rainforest to oil companies;
oil drilling in Yasuni National Park;
gold mega-mining projects contaminating community water sources and sacred lakes; loss of community water rights);
plans to turn the Galapagos into a playground for the ultra-wealthy, with multi-million dollar resorts;
a massive increase in foreign debt;
the Government’s plan to use the Galapagos as surety for its un-repayable debt to China;
complete lack of free speech;
silencing of dissenters with threats, imprisonment, violence and death; imprisonment of resistance leaders without trial;
Government control of NGOs with Executive Decree 16;
Government control of media;
an ever growing list of scandals involving current government officials (drugs, corruption, embezzlement);
hugely wasteful public spending;
economic measures taken since the catastrophic fall in oil prices;
increases in the electricity tariff and the cost of public transportation;
the removal of the gas subsidy;
the potential withdrawal of the liquid fuels subsidy;
the removal of subsidies for Galapagos residents;
new tariffs on imported products;
a shortfall in the social security budget;
the withdrawal of the Human Development Bond from 750,000 people;
the Government’s decision to ignore its debt to the Ecuadoran Institute of Social Security (IESS) and withdraw the 40% state contribution to the retirement fund … oh yes, and the inheritance tax thing. Did I miss anything?

The Government’s reaction has been laughable, with the President claiming that demonstrations are a result of an international conspiracy.

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