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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tranquil and safe areas in Ecuador. June 2015.

Areas in Ecuador which are tranquil and safe don't exist for gringos and upper/middle class Ecuadorians. Ecuador is not a secure place to live if you don't have a tall fence or wall around your property with electric fence or broken glass or metal spikes and other serious anti-climb measures on top. Private security in a middle class and up neighborhoods is a must - in addition to the fence described above. Inside of these walls are lovely courtyards, Ecuadorians love the courtyard and they hide their wealth inside of their compounds.
It's all about your precautions and luck. However, Ecuador is much safer than some crime ridden neighborhoods of USA cities and, definitely, much safer than Baltimore and Ferguson. Looting and arson is practically impossible in Quito, because wealth of Ecuadorians is not so easy accessible - try to break window or door with metal bars or set up building made of concrete on fire.

I see rise of the crime in the future and the reasons are, on my opinion:
Since current ruler took leadership in 2007,  Ecuador has very strict gun laws. Citizens of Ecuador practically (theoretically, yes, but try to ...)  don't have rights to own guns, only military, police, private guards do have these rights and, of course, criminals possess guns because they don't care about the law.
You cannot bring your guns from US to Ecuador. No chance to defend yourself against criminals and you can't rely on police for protection, the police (in Ecuador) more likely to protect the criminal than law abiding citizen. You can read about it here
Youngsters up to 18 years old considered "children" in Ecuador and absolutely prohibited to work by the current administration. It is very noble intention - not to use child labor, however consequences are not so good.  
Children of the middle and upper class go to college after high school. After finishing public school, 18 years old from poorer family rarely make it to college. Growing up without being apprentice or trainee on the job with family members like it was for many generations, before current leadership decided to change it, most of the time, he/she doesn't want to work, doesn't have work ethic, no skills, no desire to acquire skills.
Robbing people is more lucrative business for idle young people than to go to work every day, if they are lucky to get a job somewhere somehow.

New labor laws, minimal wage requirements, new tax imposed on imported goods - again enforced since 2007. It is humane and charitable (for someone else expense, not government's ) intention as well, only it's eliminating jobs, not creating them, or helping people to survive.
At least Ecuador is still cheaper in some areas of living expenses: cost of food, for example, if you buy it at farmers markets, 25 cents city bus ride, $20-$40 doctor's appointment and so on. The weather in Quito is MUCH better than in Minnesota, Florida and in between. Ecuadorians, as a crowd, are not as aggressive, as in Russia, or as in USA urban ghettos.
To be tranquil and safe in Ecuador, not easy but possible - takes effort, street smart and money. 

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