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Sunday, June 28, 2015

High expectations and life in Ecuador. Quito Ecuador. June 2015.

High expectations and life in Ecuador don't mix. If you have high expectation for anything in Ecuador (weather, low prices, Ecuadorians speaking English, etc) you simply won't survive here.  
Let's look at June and July 2015 events.
There are protests on a streets of Ecuadorian cities and pueblos since beginning of June.
Galapagos were closed for a while because of protests.  
Pope Francis coming to Ecuador - Quito airport and some Quito's neighborhoods will be closed for vehicular traffic in the first week of July.
There was such strong wind in June, in Quito, for a few weeks, that some properties, trees and cars were damaged by it.
The road from Quito to Tena was damaged by mudslides in the end of June, so if you have Hotel Spa Termas de Papallacta(which is accessible only through this road), reserved - good luck getting there. 

That's what make life in Ecuador chaotic, exciting and impossible for perfectionists.

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