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Monday, June 1, 2015

Asking questions on Ecuador expats forums. Young adults in their mid-20s and early 30s asking questions on Ecuador expats forums. Quito, Ecuador. June 2015.

When I say "you" in this post I mean English speaking person in her/his 20s or 30s asking questions on Ecuador expat forums.
You have to understand that you are receiving answers from older people. Yes, they might have more wisdom and they do know, but they are not spring chicken anymore and they forgot (or never knew?) that being young, you have more opportunity to make it, even with limited resources. In case if you fail - it's not end of the world for twenty- and thirty something, you still would have valuable experience and time to fix your mistakes.

Imagine Columbus or Spanish explorers and warriors asking their questions on Expat forums, the answers would be - what you are about to do- is not legal, not nice and
"stay in your home country we don't need any more idiots here!"
"Don't do it! If you come to Ecuador, you must have a source of income, or have capital to start a business."
You will receive outright lies or partially-truth responses
"Top wage for teachers is $350 per month."
"Most births are home births here (in Ecuador - LB) unless there are complications. This is not the USA." - Maybe it's true in some remote village, but not in Quito and other cities.

On the contrary, inquiring about "Visiting to get an idea for retirement" you'll get guidance, helpful information and tips as long as you won't mention anything  political, no talking about chem trails, conspiracy theory stuff, etc. You'll be ostracized for that.

to be continued.."Some points to consider for young and ambitious gringos who want to make it in Ecuador"

Part one- Asking questions on Ecuador expats forums. Quito, Ecuador. April 2015.

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