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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Where to live in Quito? Quito, Ecuador. May 2015.

Where to live in Quito?
From ExpatExchange Ecuador Forum
Question:I will moving to Quito soon. Can somebody tell where in Quito I may want to live or stay away from?
Good: Avenida Gonzalez Suarez, La Floresta, area around Parque La Carolina, Bella Vista, Cumbaya, Tumbaco.
Bad: la Mariscal, Quito South, Centro Historico.

I wouldn't live in the area around Parque La Carolina even if I would be paid for it. In my humble opinion, area around Parque is:
Depressive concrete jungle - concentration of high-rises.
More congested (buses and cars), more polluted and more noisy than other areas of Quito.
Lots of criminal minded people hanging around. Too much people going there on Saturday and Sunday. Huge crowds.
When it's raining the streets turning to a swimming pool, once I had to cross Amazonas and  Nacional Unidas after rain - I took my shoes off and wade thru the water across both streets.

To live in Avenida Gonzalez Suarez, Cumbaya, Tumbaco you have to have substantial amount of money, your $1K - $2K monthly income won't be enough to have adequate standard of living in these areas. It is not too convenient to live there without a car and you cannot get too far by walking, utilities rates are higher than in other areas of Quito, association fees are MUCH higher, even produce in tiendas are more expensive, etc, etc.

In other hand, there are areas in Mariscal I really like, it is relatively quiet there (certain areas in Mariscal) and streets are lined with the trees and cute two, three floors houses and some four, five floors apartment buildings.

I lived for a few years In Centro Historico. It was like back in time, like a living on the movie set. In CH, I like areas: street Rocafuerte, La Ronda where my apartment located and street Benalcazar. I know English-speaking people happily living there, some renting, some in their own properties.  
You really have to live for a while in Quito to find an area where you will be comfortable. Asking question on forums won't get you to your dream location.

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