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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Pros and Cons of living in Ecuador. The Property - part two. May 2015.

Buying and selling property - something like this could happen:
from ExpatExchange Ecuador forum
Hi everyone: I came to Ecuador several years ago and purchased a beautiful house in Manta. I enjoyed the area and the people and decided to buy a parcel of land (3 hectares ) I went through an attorney and real estate company and had a survey done. I have paid my taxes on time and never had a question from the county.
Now I have decided to sell the lot and for several months the county has refused to give title. They requested another survey by their person and I did that and actually came up with a larger space. They still will not give title.
What can I do now?
I did receive the escritura (title - LB) when I bought it. It is from the Provincina and now they say it is being disputed. This is an individual plot of land that was surveyed and they accepted.
I did have an attorney as well as the real estate company.
end of quote

The People, pro and cons: 
The Weather, pro and cons:
The HealthCare, pro and cons :
The Government, pro and cons:
The Transportation, pro and cons
The Food, pro and cons:

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