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Monday, May 11, 2015

Inflation and furnishing apartment or house in Quito, Ecuador. May 2015.

As I already wrote on February 9, 2015, in my blog, that appliances, furnishing, bedding, household items are more expensive in Ecuador than in US. To fully equip two bedroom apartment would cost at least five thousands or more.

Well, few months later, this number is outdated. Since new tariffs were announced in March 2015, everything went up, not just imported goods. Five thousands is barely enough now only for basic appliances. 
On top of this it's very confusing for the homeowner what to buy: induction stove and calefon (even subsided - substantial electric bill) or gas stove and calefon (prices doubled on Jan 1st 2015 because of the government's penalty and its becoming difficult to buy gas stove, calefon and replace gas tank).

In 2007 I spent less than $800 for brand new, all together:  four burner gas stove, NOT flat screen TV set and smallish refrigerator. 
In 2008 it took less than $500 to buy calefon (water heater) and smallish washing machine.
In 2010, price of brand new appliances: refrigerator, washing machine and six burners stove - $1550. The calefon, brand new Bosh - $350.
Right now, to buy brand new appliances: refrigerator, washing machine, calefon, stove, induction or gas, - you have to pay around $1000 each or more.
Price of 100% cotton bedding in Quito, basic 200 or 300 thread count, three times more what you would pay in US stores like Target or on Amazon.

Again, for these of you who want decent but cheap ($300 - $500) furnished short term accommodations in Quito - dream on.
For $200 - $300 it is not so easy to get long term unfurnished apartment in Quito as of 2015, and then you have to pay utilities and association fee on top of the rent, and for this price, most likely, it will be in less desirable location.

For $500 you might get small place for a year or more rental, with old uncomfortable furniture and appliances, neither good location, no hot water - electric shower, no internet at all or not satisfactory internet, no washing machine, etc...

Quito is not cheap anymore but still cheaper than living in big USA cities.

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