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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Foreigners and Quito. Ecuador. May 2015.

In this post, when I say "foreigners" or "they", I mean English or Russian speaking people, who arrive in Quito as a tourists, volunteers, with academic interest, to work, to became expats or to live in Quito for a while.
Observing this kind of people from 2006, since my first visit to Ecuador, I conclude that not "they" are the ones to pick and choose Quito, it's Quito who accepting or rejecting foreigners.
For some newcomers , Quito shower them with chances:
They are getting all assistance they required,
They discover love, friendship, social life, companionship,
They obtain work, volunteer or business opportunities,
Their health condition improving or disappearing
They acquire real estate in good areas for satisfactory prices
if they wish to rent instead of buy, they find decent place for reasonable cost.
even when they are robbed they are stoic about it and they have lots of help from different sources to cover their losses.

Other might not be so lucky and seems to be rejected
They have altitude sickness or their health conditions worsening
Their credit cards are compromised one way or another and there are no way to withdraw money
They got robbed and it is fatal for them
They cannot find food and items, they accustomed to, in stores and/or markets
They invest in a rotten deals.
They try to buy real estate, but the deals not going thru by a myriad of different reasons.
Quito is too noisy and not friendly to them in one way or another.

No amount of research tell whether or not you will thrive in Quito, in particular, or Ecuador in general. You have to come over and experience the country and the city. 

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