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Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Pros and Cons of living in Ecuador. The Property. April 2015.

Property in Ecuador (pros):
Property taxes are much, much cheaper (than in USA). Association fees cheaper as well. In most apartment buildings you can have pets. You don't need heating or air conditioning (in Quito) - less bills to pay.
My North Quito apartment's YEARLY property tax is about $45 and association fee is $50 monthly
My Centro Historico Quito apartment's YEARLY property tax is about $20 and association fee is $15 monthly
Looting and arson is practically impossible in Quito. Apartment buildings, churches, houses, office buildings, etc, built with concrete (concrete will not burn) and are almost all fenced/walled. Sometimes there are electric fences, broken glass, metal spikes and other serious anti-climb measures on top of the fences and walls. Private armed security are everywhere: in the stores, apartment buildings, offices. Small businesses have metal gates or shutters over the doors and windows.  

Property management companies in US exist to prohibit pretty much every activity regarding pets and kids, and they charge arm and leg for this oppression.

Here in Quito, when I go out during the day, I usually give our concierge my North Quito
(where I live) apartment's keys and she let out Sashka, my dog, to the roof terrace. I pay her $1 - $2 and everyone was happy.
The concierge of Centro Historico conjunto has my apartment keys on permanent basis. He does some maintenance in the apartment as needed. 

Property in Ecuador (cons):
Cost of furnishing (electronics, furniture, appliances, bedding) is outrageous.
Home robberies are on the rise, although I believe that in a city like Quito less probability that your apartment will be robbed. 
There is no illusion here in Ecuador that the police will protect private property. Everyone is responsible for their own safety.

Car alarms and barking dogs under your bedroom window...
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